Rethinking Supply Chain

Understanding Logistics: A Discussion with Scott Luton, Founder & CEO of Supply Chain Now

Episode Notes

In this episode of Rethinking Supply Chain, Venzee CEO, John Abrams, hosts Scott Luton, Founder & CEO at Supply Chain Now. John got connected with Scott after listening to one of his podcast episodes that dove into the physical and automated aspects of supply chain.

Scott got into discovering supply chain management when he completed his service with the United States Air Force. He loved the team mentality integral to end to end manufacturing, which led him to a full career in logistics operations. 

The pair discuss how every executive is a supply chain manager in this day and age. Keeping track of the last touch when it comes to getting goods to consumers is key. People remain a huge component of the logistics equation, but now they have a different role. If people are willing to adapt and embrace technology, they can be key players in the supply chain.

Scott explains how we are all part of the supply chain. People are gaining a deeper understanding of logistics, greatly due to the increase in e-commerce and the exposure of weak spots from a global crisis.